Point Work Class for beginners
The Class for your very first time of Point Work!

This class is for absolute beginners of point work. We are going to start with how to put point shoes on.
Most of the exercises are facing to barre.
If you are not sure about joining to the class, please try to ballet classes of following teachers and ask them. They are going to teach beginners' point work class.

Class will be ran with CD.

yDates and StudiozEvery Fryday 13:30-14:00 by Yuko Nishida at 02studio

žYou need to take Beginners2 or Elementary class just before this point class for warm up. Please register to both of ballet and point classes at same time.
We will not accepting register after Beginners2 and Elementary classes are finished.

žOnly cash or regular tickets are acceptead. Not free pass.

Yuko Nishida
Yuko staeted her ballet training at age of 3 tought by Toyoko Miyamoto and Makio Homura at HomuraTomoi Ballet School. Secound prize at Kobe National Dance Competition, finalist of Finnish International Ballet Competition in 1995, finalist of Prix de Lausanne in 1997. Yuko learned at Royal Ballet School in U.K for 1997-1998.
Now she is dancing as a freelance after her career as a principal dancer of HomuraTomoi Ballet Company. Yuko's princess Aurora at Japan Ballet Association presents "Sleeping Beauty" in 2004 was well recieved by critics.