Character Dance Class

Trying basic of Character dance.
Character dance is one of required subjects at full time dance schools, however we have not so many chances to try it autside of schools.
At Studio Architanz, we offer Charater dance class for twice a month.

The class starts with barre lesson, and end up with small combinations in the centre.
Russian traditional dance, Hungarian Cardas, Polonaise, Mazurek, Spanish, Tarantella, Oriental, Gypsy and so on.
There are quite detailed rules sort of hight of arms, angle og head, direction of elbows and hip. If there tiny things are different, it makes your
dancing completely different.
This is very rare opportunity to learn each positions and meatning and histry of each steps.
These small rules would malke massive difference to your dancing.

Normaly character dance class needs character skirt and shoes, but it would be fine to start with normal ballet shoes,
If you have flair skirt, it's welcome to brought in. Both male and female dancers are welcome, no limit for age.

yDate and TimezEvery other Sunday 15:45-17:15 @02 or 03 studio run with CD
please check timetable of each months.

yStudentszMaximum 20students. (in order of arrival. no need to book.) registration will starts from 30mins before the class.

yFeez3000yen to drop in. Regular ticket and Free Pass are welcome.

Tatiana Kozlova
Danced at Bolshoi Ballet after graduated Bolshoi Ballet School.
Got contruct with New National Ballet in Tokyo in 1996, she built her career also as a ballet mistress and translator.
Now she is teaching ballet as freelance.