Mat Pilates/Pelates & Ballet

Mat Pilates and Pilates&Ballet classes for every leveld people.

”Mat Pilates...tought by Ryoko Sugimoto
Ryoko teaches pilates baced on her knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology.
Body conditioning would help rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, and improvement of performances.
Ryoko is commited to help students and give advices them to do their own practices at home.

”Pilates & Ballet...tought by Nobuo Fujino
Pilates helps us to be aware of our muscles, joints and position of bone structure, also improve their functions.
Those awareness of our body would makes good posture and fit bodylines.
This class discovers correct and organic way of movement in classical ballet technique by pilates exercises.
All leveled people are welcome.

We are letting yoga mat at our studio.

yDate and TimezEvery Thursday 12:00-13:30 Pilates&Ballet Nobuo Fujino
Every Saturday 15:45-17:45 Pilates Ryoko Sugimoto
Every Sunday 14:00-15:30 Pilates&Ballet Nobuo Fujino
*please check timetable of each months as schedule would be changed by some reasons.

yStudioz 02studio
yStudentsz 20 is maximum (in order of arrival, no need to book.) registration will starts from 30mins before the class.
yFeez 3,000yen to drop in. Regular tickets and free pass is available for this class.

Ryoko Sugimito
Body Conditioner
Ryoko has got MA of Kinesics at Ochanomizu Univercity.
She trained in dance and body conditioning in NY for 2 years since 2002-2004 as an over sea fellow of the Agancy for Cultural Affairs. Ryoko also got CMA at Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Study in 2004, Certification of teaching pilates and mat exercise at Physical Mind Institute in 2004. Trained in Yoga with Amy Matthew, Karate with Michelle Gay.
Now Ryoko is teaching body conditioning, anatomy and exercise physiology at Rikkyo Univercity, Saitama Prefectual Univercity, Ballet course and Musical course at Showa Academia Musicae and open day of Metropolitan Univercity.

Nobuo Fujino
Nobuo was trained in classical ballet at Nobue Egawa/Egawa Ballet School.
He got Idemitsu Scholarship to train in Australian Ballet School at Asia Pacific Ballet Competition in 1995, graduated first on the list. Joined in to Hong Kong Ballet in 1997, was promoted to principal in 2002. Moved to Australian Ballet as a senior soloist in 2005. Performed as a guest dancer in Egami Ballet Company, Inoue Ballet Company, Australian Ballet's Japan tour, awarding ceremony of Prix Benois de la Dance and gala performance in Bolshoi Theatre, gala performance "Stars of the 21st century" in Champs elysees Paris. In 2005, Nobuo was nominated to Priz Benois de la Dance as first Japanese dancer, also was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award by Hong Kong Dance Association in same year.
Nobuo went back to Hong Kong Ballet in 2008, and left in 2010. Now Nobuo is working as a freelance dancer and teacher based in Japan.