Open Class of Gyrokinesis and Ballet by Hiroki Nakatani

Former company member of the Tokyo Ballet, and now personal training and conditioning coach, Gyrokinesis trainer, Hiroki Nakatani, offering Gyrokinesis & Ballet open class!

yDate and Timez
12tth Friday 14:00-15:30 @03studio
20th Saturday 10:15-11:45 @02studio
26th Friday 14:00-15:30 @03studio

10th Saturday 10:15-11:45@02studio
16th Friday 14:00-15:30 @03studio
24th Saturday 10:15-11:45@02studio
30th Friday 14:00-15:30@03studio

Gyrokinesis was found as a rehabilitation method for ballet dancers. This class offers the mixture of ballet and Gyrokinesis with idea gBallet without pain and forceh. It will guide you to learn how to move your body comfortably.

Gyrokinesis is the first part of the class. The exercise releases your tensed muscles which are used constantly. Ease the tiredness and make a fresh start of the day with deep breathing. We will fix our hip joints, shoulder plates, spine and pelvis mainly. Also, letfs pay attention on how to breath and what breathing gives to your body.

Next part of the class is barre lesson. Letfs see the difference before and after you did Gyrokinesis, fond the way to dance without pains. Rethink about ballet muscles, gain your knowledge of each exercises.

The last part is center work. Finishing class with ether ballet or Gyrokinesis depend on the body condition of students. Adjust your body for rest of the day.

`Message from Hiroki`
I usually give some advices of way of using knees and ankles without pain, and also body using in daily life. I think I can find some advices and answers from my personal trainer work.
It would be my pleasure if I could help also contemporary dancers, character dancers, people do pilates , yoga and some other bodyworks.
Ifm very happy to give some advice for healthy dance-life, good way of taking class and perform. Also this class will be good worming up for next dance class.
For professional dancers who were injured, my class could be rehabilitation to go back to full class and rehearsals.

yDate & Timez
Coming soon. Please make a contact to studio if you need.

02 or 03studio

Gyrokinesis and ballet for 90minits

2,500yen for drop in
regular tickets and free pass are welcome.

Please bring in your yoga mat or bath towel if you've got one.
(we also lent yoga mat so please ask at the front desk.)