Noh Class by Reijiro Tsumura

Noh chanting and Noh dance

We will learn Noh chanting and dance from basic with vocalorgans and walking.
Sometimes we have rare opportunities to use Noh masks and costumes,
also we can lern Noh from variety of angles by Reijiro's rich vocabulary and knowledge.

everyone is welcome
20 is maximum(in order of arrival, no need to book) registration will starts from 30mins before the class.

Once a month, Saturday or Sunday, 17:30-19:00
*please have a look at each month timetable or contact to studio.


3,000yen for drop in
regular tickets are welcome.

Please bring white tabi socks and fan.
(we lent fans in the studio but not so many of them. priority will be in order of arrival.)

Reijiro Tsumura
Representation of party of Kanze method Ryokusen society. A holder of an important intangible caltural asset. A member of Noh Association.
Reijiro got in to Kanze-kai, was trained with Mitsuko Tsumura the founder of female Noh actors. Became a master of Kanze method in 1974, was certified
as a holder of an important intangible caltural asset in 1991.
Now Reijiro is comitted to perform classical Noh and also teaching young actors.
Recently, he created new original style Noh, danced and created with dancers such as Alessio Silvestrin, Kaiji Moriyama.