Share Rental
Share rental system to make studio rental more easy and convenient.

We rent 02 studio for 700yen/per person, for personal practice and group rehearsals when 02 studio is free. It is a sharing system for all people payed 700yen.

žavailable time will be on Twitter and whiteboard at Architanz everyday.


¥There are possibilities that one coin rental's time is changed or cancelled for some reason such as someone's booking studio.
¥Please come to front desk to regist your name, starting time and pay 700yen.
¥Fee is 700yen for per person even if it was a group.
¥You can enter and exit as much as you need after payment of 700yen.
¥Please come to front desk after you finished and tell studio staff the finishing time.
¥One coin rental is available for plactice and rehearsals. Holding class is not allowed.
¥Sound system is available but please share it with others.
¥Please be aware of this is sharing system with others.

Studio Architanz
tel: 03-5730-2732
fax: 03-5730-2733