This usuage will be changed or added by Studio Architanz, and it become effective when it turned up to this page.

yTroublesome Behaviorsz
Studio Architanz set those behaviors are prohibitions as follows;
1 Recording and filming inside of Architanz's facilities without appointments.
2 Having buisiness activities such as personal traing, selling products etc inside of Architanz's facitilies.
3 Bringing dengerous objects into Architanz's facilities.
4 Vandalism and dameging stuffs.
5 Behabiors which would disturb others's actibities at Architanz.
6 Defaming, threatening and using violence to others.
7 Storking, tapping, peeping, molesting, exposure and sexual harassment and any other behaviors against to public order and morals.

yCompensations for Damagesz
Studio Architanz users are required to compensate for dameges to other students, studio facilities and a third party.

yPersonal Informationsz
Studio Architanz holds students personal information, however, we will not offer or release to a third party.

yIn an Emargencya crisisz
Please follow to studio staffs' guide in emergency situations such as earthquake, fire etc.
Studio Architanz would be under the access control in irresistibe situations such as natural disasters, administrative guidance etc.

ySafety Administrationz
Monitoring cameras are located in studios for protecting users safety. Footages will be recorded and offered to the authorities concerned
when robbery, accidents etc are happened.

yAccidents during classz
Studio Architanz and teachers would not take any responsibility for students' injuries and disease which were caused by students' carelessness.

yPersonal Belongings and Valuablesz
Users are required to taking care of personal belongings and valuables and Studio Architanz would not take any responsibility
and compensate for loss, robbery,injuries and any other accidents at Studio Architanz facilities exept the situation that Studio Architanz
have excessive fault.

1st May 2008
Architanz Ltd.